Saturday, July 2, 2011

Salute the United States of America!

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During the past week, I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of the comment, “Have a happy Fourth of July,” or “Enjoy the holiday weekend, and stay safe!” There’s nothing wrong with wishing someone a happy holiday, but don’t forget what we’re celebrating.

I love this country, and I’m grateful to have the freedoms we take for granted. We’re allowed to choose our mates, our careers, and our homes. But the best freedom of all is being able to worship God without fear of the government’s interference. Men and women have fought hard for us, so let’s not forget to show our gratitude.

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As a former U.S. Air Force brat, I often include a patriotic element in my books. In Sweet Baklava and Special Mission, I touch lightly on the reality of military life and show the sacrifices families make so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms. My books can be purchased wherever books are sold:

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