Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol!

One of my favorite things to do is watch “American Idol.” My husband and I prefer to watch it live, but if we have other commitments, we record it on the DVR. I have my favorite singer, and my husband has his—and it’s not always the same. However, one thing we do agree on is our faith. We know why we’re here on earth and where we’ll be after this earthly life, which is comforting and keeps us grounded. It’s okay, though, to enjoy the pleasures He has granted us on this earth, so we’ll continue watching “American Idol,” as long as we don’t put too much importance on the outcome of a TV show. This season, I like David Cook. Who is your favorite?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Writers do other stuff!

Believe it or not, writers have lives aside from…writing. I asked my friends what they like to do in their spare time (besides write), and here are their answers:

1. Margaret Daley: I like to read a good book, go to lunch with a friend, go to a movie, see my grandchildren, exercise (you didn't say we had to enjoy it, which I don't, but it's important for health reasons), volunteering (now that I'm retired--sort of), talking to friends on the phone.

2. Carla Capshaw: Spend time with my family, travel, read, watch movies and make crafts.

3. Kim Vogel Sawyer: I love to quilt, and whenever I can commit to it, I adore acting in community theatre. I wish I could do more of it.

4. Tamela Hancock Murray: I crochet poorly and read rapidly.

5. Lena Nelson Dooley: I love to read. James and I like to travel, but we don't do as much as we would like to. We like to spend time with our family.

6. Sandie Bricker: I'm ridiculous about scrapbooking. I love it. I've become the most annoying friend because I'm always in people's faces with my camera. And as I take the pictures, I've already got it in my mind how it's going to be placed on the scrapbook page.

7. Rhonda Gibson: I love to read and make greeting cards.

8. Paige Winship Dooly: walk on the beach, hike in the woods, read, paint, 4 wheel with dh.

9. Janet Spaeth: Reading, of course. Do puzzles. Knit. OH! And shop. I do love to shop.

10. Shelley Galloway: I like to bake and I love to shop. : 0