Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School's Back in Session

Now that Labor Day is over, most kids are back in school. This can bring tons of joy to many parents and trepidation to others since not everyone knows what to expect. I have two granddaughters - one who entered kindergarten and the other who just started a 2-morning a week preschool. Both of them are sweet, friendly, smart girls, so they should be fine.

I'll never forget my very first day of school several decades ago. There was no such thing as kindergarten where I went, so I walked right into first grade. One of my grandmothers had already taught me some basic reading and math skills, and the other grandmother introduced me to a bunch of kids I'd be in school with. It turned out to be a good experience for me ... at least most of the time.

If your child is still nervous about school, it might have something to do with not knowing what is expected or how to act in the new environment. Here are some articles I'd like to recommend:

Social Skills for Children
Children's Table Manners
Making Friends Through Sports
School Phobia

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in those articles, go to About.com, click around a bit, and you'll probably get some answers.

Now that the children are in school, try to schedule some time for yourself. After all, you've given your family the best summer ever. One suggestion I'd like to make is to check out my Class Reunion series. If you want to read a quick introduction to the characters before diving into the longer books, I've uploaded a prequel on Amazon. Here's a link to order it from Amazon: Before the Class Reunion.

Piney Point High School's 5-year reunion invitations have just gone out. Learn about Priscilla who was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school but dropped out of college to become a hairdresser. Tim has just graduated from college and has been given the opportunity to work for his uncle as a beauty salon supply salesman. Trudy's crown for being "Miss Everything" in Piney Point doesn't seem to do anything for her marriage. Celeste has always been a wallflower, and now she has to make her way on her own. Laura has never touched a drop of alcohol, but her husband certainly knows his way around a beer bottle. Will anyone want to go back and face their former classmates?

Here are the books in the series. If you'd like to order them, please click on the links below the cover images.

10-year reunion
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15-year reunion
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20-year reunion
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Friday, August 29, 2014


I've been a romance and women's fiction writer for many years, but something that many people don't know is that I've also written a couple of mysteries. One of them, Corpse on the Court, was written under my maiden name Deborah Tisdale and was published by Avalon. The other was Theft and Thanksgiving, one book in a series written by a group of authors for Guideposts. We all wrote our books under the name Emily Thomas, and the series is called Secrets of the Blue Hill Library. Any of the books in this series can be ordered from the Guideposts website.

My first mystery was quite a bit of fun to write. I never saw myself as a mystery writer, but when my editor at Avalon challenged me to give it a try, I did. After a few (major) revisions, she accepted it and the book came out the following year. Former Nashville detective Summer Walsh is the main character in Corpse on the Court, and I've been thinking about following up with more books for a series. Here's a blurb about the first book:

When Summer Walsh, a former detective from Nashville, leaves the police force, she sees herself vacationing on the beach, teeing off at the golf course of her uncle's country club community, and knocking a few balls around on the tennis court. But that's not the way things work out when her uncle gets framed for the murder of an aging femme fatale who was found strangled on the tennis court.

Summer is called to service in the small coastal community called Gulfside, where the sun shines year-round and retirees play like children. The murder of Bonita Landry throws the whole town into a tailspin, creating suspicion in everyone. She has to endure listening to remarks about her uncle's love life, being chased on the causeway, and dealing with hostile witnesses. But Summer doesn't give up until she finds out who murderer is.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Project

It seems like I'm always starting a new project. It might be something around the house, like decorating a room or designing my garden. Right now I'm getting started on One Foot Out the Door, the last of my three-book Uptown Belles series that's being published by Charisma House.

The first book, Dixie Belle, came out this past spring, and the second one, Trouble in Paradise, will release next spring. All three books are set (mostly) in New York City, and they feature heroines from the South who fall in love with big-city men. 

Here are the blurbs:

Dixie BelleCissy Hillwood needs to leave her Alabama hometown to escape her abusive boyfriend, so she accepts an offer to work for her Uncle Forest in New York City. Sparks fly when she meets Forest’s fiercest competitor, Tom Jenkins, but her uncle does not approve of their budding romance. Tom is a Christian at night and on weekends, but he seems to leave his faith at the door when he gets to work. Yet the more time he spends with Cissy, the more he begins to question and reevaluate his business ethics. As Cissy tries to keep her relationship with Tom a secret from her Uncle Forest, misunderstandings mount and conflicts arise, forcing Cissy to make a decision. Which should she choose: loyalty to her uncle or love for Tom?

Trouble in ParadiseCharlene Pickford finds herself in a pickle after landing the job of her dreams in New York City. Her boss might be attractive, but when it becomes obvious that he's hiding some deep, very dark secret, she feels an overwhelming urge to flee back to Georgia to help her parents … even though they've made it clear that they don't want her hovering. Will Charlene be able to make a decision that brings her peace?

One Foot Out the Door - Bethann Russell loses her job, so when her elderly aunt falls and breaks her hip, she’s the most logical family member to move up to New York to be the caretaker. When attorney Judd Baxter arrives to help Bethann’s aunt with her legal affairs, the attraction between him and Bethann is obvious. As Bethann gets to know Judd, she discovers part of his job is to handle the legal affairs of companies that downsize. This is too close to home for Bethann since she loved the job she lost, so she decides to return to Mississippi as soon as her aunt recovers. But her aunt has other ideas and makes matchmaking her new mission.
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