Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 ACFW Conference!

The ACFW conference is less than two weeks away, and there are still so many things on my to-do list. In addition to the standard laundry and packing, I have to figure out what kinds of promo items to bring for the book signing at the Mall of America on Saturday, September 20. There will be more than 120 Christian fiction authors poised with pens and ready to sign books for eager readers—and that includes me, on both sides! Not only will I be signing, I’ll be able to pick up autographed copies of books by my favorite authors!

The conference isn’t all that long, so it’ll be a whirlwind of activity! In addition to the signing, Barbour editors Becky Germany, JoAnne Simmons, and Susan Downs are hosting a get-together for their authors. I’ll get to meet my new editor, Rachel Meisel from Summerside Press. My agent Tamela Hancock Murray will be there, and so will quite a few of my writer friends. I’ll take pictures and post them on my website after I get back!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Debby. I'm looking foward to the booksigning, although I won't be signing. I wasn't sure my previous books would be available. However, it will a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

I've been a Barbour author since 1990, and I'm looking forward to seeing the staff again, as well as attend the Barbour party. See you there.

And I'm eager to meet the Summerside Press editors.

Debby Mayne said...

I think the first post was from Irene Brand, one of my many favorite inspirational authors. I agree that this conference will be a memorable experience, and I look forward to hanging out with you!

Janet Spaeth said...

We will have so much fun. It's a big family reunion!

Debby Mayne said...

That's right, Janet, since we're sort of like sisters...or something. *g*

And if it weren't for you, I would have booked my flight to Milwaukee rather than Minneapolis.

Janet Spaeth said...

LOL! Minneapolis, Milwaukee...
It still makes me chuckle.

See you soon!