Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time to celebrate!

Last week, I celebrated my birthday and my 28th wedding anniversary! Other than going out to lunch with friends, I had a normal day of writing, reading student assignments, doing laundry, cooking, checking e-mail, and catering to my cats, Misty and Felix. But it was wonderful because I love doing all of those things. The Lord has blessed me with a life that I love. Everyday is a celebration!

I feel really blessed to have such a wonderful family. Wally has always worked hard, and this is a particularly difficult time for him as a financial advisor during this rough economy. He loves the Lord, though, so when he comes home, he finds peace through reading the Bible and unwinding with Lauren and me. Our daughter Lauren recently graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in communications. She’s a smart young woman who has surrounded herself with wholesome friends who are all like family around our house. Our older daughter Alison and her husband Jason are expecting a baby, Wally’s and my first grandchild. Even though they live hundreds of miles away in North Carolina, technology allows us to communicate daily, with phone calls, e-mail, and IM’s. I like to read their blog when Jason has time to post because he’s such an excited daddy-to-be!

Another blessing is my career. After what seemed like a very slow start, I’ve finally become an established, multi-published CBA author with Barbour Publishing and Summerside Press. Between writing contracted books and being an instructor for Long Ridge Writers Group, I stay very busy!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! Life is good right now, so everyday is a celebration!


Tina Bass said...

Happy belated birthday!
I heard about what lauren, Ali, and Jason got you for a gift. Hope you are enjoying it!

Debby Mayne said...
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Debby Mayne said...

Hey, Tina! Thanks! I love everything they've ever gotten me!

Janet Spaeth said...

Happy birthday! Happy anniversary!

Debby, your life is a blessing not just to you but to others. I feel myself INCREDIBLY blessed to have you as a friend! What is that saying about the scent of the rose staying on the hand of the giver? It's true! You touch others through your own life, through your own bubbling happiness.

That's your scent of the rose!

Debby Mayne said...

That's so sweet for you to say this, Janet! I feel the same way about you!

CatMom said...

Hey Debby! So glad you had a nice birthday (and anniversary!). And I'm sure you're so excited about the expected grandbaby (I haven't experienced that yet...but none of my kiddos are married yet--2 in college and 1 in high school--but hopefully one day!).
Blessings from Georgia,
Patti Jo :)

Debby Mayne said...

Thank you, Patti Jo!