Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Traditions!

Growing up as a military brat (my dad was in the Air Force) had both a good side and a not-so-good side, and a lot of that was perception. Since we moved often, I learned to not hold on to traditions because they’d change with every new place we lived. Sometimes we stayed home, and other times we shared the festivities with other families. I often longed for feeling settled and knowing what to look forward to. Now I know two things: The most important thing to look forward to is spending eternity with the Lord, and changing things up prepared me for my future that is ever-shifting around me.

I’m happy that I’ll have my husband, my younger daughter Lauren, my mother-in-law Bobbie, my dad and my stepmother Eileen to share Christmas with. However, my other daughter Alison and her husband Jason are in North Carolina, and they’re unable to travel because she’s almost full term with my little granddaughter. This will be the first Christmas I won’t see Alison since she was born, but it’s not all sad. We still have the baby to look forward to, shortly after the New Year.

Jason has been doing a good job of posting events as they lead up to their baby's birth. Check out Alison and Jason's blog, and you can follow their excitement as it grows throughout this pregnancy experience. I have no doubt they'll make wonderful parents!


Janet Spaeth said...

Our holidays have been very muted for the past couple of years, for obvious reasons. We decided this year to have a quiet Christmas at home, just enjoying the fact that we're together and a family. We voted for snacking all day on whatever we wanted rather than having a big meal on Christmas, which makes MY life much easier, LOL!

Usually I take care of at least one cat during the holidays but this year, none! So I don't have to get up and get dressed to head out and feed and snuggle lonely kitties. Christmas will be spent in my jammies!

No babies coming into our lives (I have teenagers, so that is truly a sigh of relief you hear!) so we'll just await your granddaughter's birth right along with you!

Have a merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

I hope you have a great time! Babies are wonderful presents. It'll be awesome when she comes.