Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ikea mania!

My daughter asked me to go with her to the new Ikea store in Tampa and help her pick out some decorations for her new apartment. I thought it was a furniture store with a home d├ęcor department.

Whoa! It’s more like a city! Not only do they have what seems like miles of furniture for everyone in the family, including the family gerbil, this place offers a restaurant and day care!

Since this was the first Saturday after their grand opening last week, the place was packed. I’m short, so people sometimes don’t see me. I came home with bruised ribs and sore feet…oh and a gizmo to hang my belts and a toy for my granddaughter who’ll be here sometime this summer.

I’d like to go back to Ikea, but I think I’ll wait for the newness to die down a bit. Perhaps mid-afternoon on a Tuesday would be good. Anyone want to meet me there for some serious furniture shopping and a plate of Swedish meatballs?

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