Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blessed with Great Friends!

I’m blessed that I have so many friends—some strictly personal, some professional, some a blend of both, and others people I only see once in a while. They’re all friends, and they’ve all touched my life in so many ways.

As a Christian author, my writer friends and church friends overlap. I pray with both, and they are all involved in my career in one way or another. My writer friends and I critique, share ideas, make career plans, laugh or cry about edits, and feed off each other’s energy. My church friends encourage my writing, read my books, and give me ideas for future books. I love my writer and church friends!

I have neighbors who enjoy standing outside chatting on nice days. We discuss yard work, mulch, traffic on the street, and whatever else is happening in the neighborhood at the time. I’m fortunate that the people who live around me aren’t into malicious gossip. They’d much rather talk about important things, like when to trim the palm trees or what’s on sale at Publix. I love my neighbors!

I have some wonderful online buddies, too. Some of them I see at conferences once a year, and others I only chat with online. Even though I don’t see them often or don’t see them at all, I still feel a kinship with them. We share information through the Internet and give each other cyber hugs when needed. I love my online buddies!

God designed us to be social people. We feed off each other and find joy in the company of friends. I’m thankful to have so many friends who are all such wonderful blessings!

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


CatMom said...

I enjoyed this post, Debby. And I'm blessed to count you as one of my "online friends"!
Hugs from Georgia,
Patti Jo :)

Debra said...

Hey Debby!

I enjoyed this post so much. You said it all!
And, I want to "Thank You", for being such a wonderful friend to me!
I know if I needed a question answered or just some friendly advice, I can count on you! Thanks for always being just an email away. **grin**

Oh, BTW...I love your blogs new look!

Author Sandra D. Bricker said...

I get to be one of the crossover friends. Debby is my writer bud, one of my favorite girlfriends, and often my personal confidante. I mean, really. How many friends can call me on a Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. to talk about wallpaper? (The blog looks great, btw!) How often do you find that ONE PERSON willing to giggle over age-related issues without once mentioning our age?!

I adore you, Debby Mayne. Even when there's talk of cat poop.

Debby Mayne said...

Hey, Patti Jo, Debbie, and Sandie! I'm blessed to have y'all as friends, too!

Rhonda Gibson said...

Hi Debby!

I'm thrilled to have you as a friend. This is a wonderful post.