Friday, February 26, 2010

Characterization in Fiction!

As an instructor for Long Ridge and judge for the Writer’s Digest fiction competitions, I consistently see a wide range of stories. Most of them are good—or at least have the potential for being good. However, only a few are excellent. My Long Ridge students know that when I make recommendations, it doesn’t mean I don’t like their work. In fact, it’s the opposite. I want them to take their good stories and make them even better.

When people ask me what I consider the single most important thing to work on in fiction, I generally say characterization. Here’s an article I wrote about this subject: Writing Fictional Characters to Hook the Readers.

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Buukluvr81 said...

Hi, Ms. Mayne. I am book review blogger and have a question for you about one of your books, but haven't found an email addy for you anywhere! Do you have one, or would you be able to email me at mine(Mollydawn1981(at)aol(dot)com)???

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