Monday, July 23, 2012

Discussion Questions Waiting for a View (part 2)

  1. Brad has always been fond of Sherry, but he valiantly didn’t act on his feelings as long as his old friend Theo was in the picture and dating Sherry. What would you have done in his position?
  2. Why do you think Brad didn’t pursue Sherry immediately after Theo left town and married someone else?
  3. Sherry greeted her old boyfriend’s wife at the urging of Naomi. Have you ever had to face something from your past that made you very uncomfortable? Did the results make you glad you did it?
  4. Something Sherry overheard Theo say devastated her. Have you ever jumped to conclusions when overhearing a snippet of conversation?
  5. Do you sit in the same pew at church? If so, why? If not, do you see things you missed from a different vantage point?

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