Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funerals - Unpleasant but Inevitable

I've attended more funerals than usual this past year, and I'm constantly amazed by the differences in how people deal with them. I've been surprised by people's reactions more than once, but there is something that remains constant: Faith in Jesus as our Savior brings hope. Without this faith, the loss can be overwhelming.

Most of the people who attend funerals would rather be somewhere else, but they know that their emotional support for the survivors is important. Plus it provides an opportunity for closure and a sense of community among people who cared about the deceased. It gives them a chance to share stories and remember the good times with the person who will be missed.

Be aware and respectful of the general mood of the funeral. If the death was sudden and tragic, you'll probably encounter a more somber atmosphere. However, if the deceased lived a long, joy-filled life, the mood will probably be more celebratory.

As an etiquette writer, I'm often asked about how to act before, during, and after funerals, so I have come up with some articles that offer tips for most situations.

Here are some things to read before you attend your next funeral:

If you have a question, please feel free to ask. You're probably not the only person who wants to know, so I might even write an article around it.

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