Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blast from the past!

As a former military brat, I occasionally have a nostalgic moment that I have to share with friends. I had such a moment this weekend when I stumbled upon a site with pictures of one of the many places I lived. My family moved from Yokota Air Force Base to Johnson Air Base, Japan, in 1964, so these pictures really sent me back in time. If you have a few moments, check it out: Oh, and make sure your sound is on for the full effect!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great web page you put together. I've been stationed at Yokota AB for almost 5 years now and know a bit about its history but didn't really know a lot about the former neighboring bases that the US used to have here. I've visited Iruma AB before but wasn't aware that it was the former Johnson AB. Great job!

JM Garzaro
Yokota AB, Japan