Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 10 vacations!

It's been a long time since my family has been able to take a vacation, so I decided it was time to start thinking about one. I asked some of my favorite authors where they liked to go, and I added a couple of my own.

Here's my list of the top 10 vacations:
  1. Carla Capshaw’s favorite vacations were in Italy and Japan.
  2. Kim Vogel Sawyer had a great time taking a cross-country trip from Kansas to California with her husband and daughters. They saw some beautiful country along the way, including the Grand Canyon, and she cherishes those memories.
  3. Sandie Bricker loves to go to San Diego as a tourist. She stays in a particular hotel where they have English high tea, fireplaces and journals in the rooms, and live jazz every Friday night. She enjoys going to Sea World, taking a whale watching cruise, or walking around Seaport Village.
  4. Tamela Hancock Murray and her family have gone to Myrtle Beach almost every year for 25 years.
  5. Lena Nelson Dooley enjoys taking trips to Minnesota to visit relatives.
  6. Margaret Daley loves to travel, and her favorite places include the Southwest United States, England, Scotland, all over Europe, Tahiti (one of her all-time faves), Belize (loved looking at the Mayan ruins), Hawaii (favorite island is the Big Island with the volcano), Alaska (cool helicopter ride and fun dog sledding), Bermuda, Costa Rico, and Biloxi (to see family, fish, and enjoy the sun & fun).
  7. Paige Winship Dooly loves the beach and the Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri.
  8. Tara Randel and her family spent many memorable Thanksgivings in the mountains of north Georgia. Just a few days in the cool weather, collecting colorful leaves and visiting quaint towns made for wonderful family memories.
  9. I love San Francisco because of the cultural blend, pastel colors, hills, water, and fabulous food!
  10. Even though I live in Florida, I still enjoy going to any tropical place where my husband can play golf, and I can enjoy the warm weather and sunshine by day and a seafood dinner at a laid-back restaurant on the beach in the evening.


Tamela Hancock Murray said...

Wow, sounds as though you know a lot of world travelers! What a fun entry, Debby. :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Some of those places look like fun. Especially Sandie Bricker's San Diego vacation.