Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cute pets!

Many writers are inspired by our pets. Here are the top 10 cute things our pets do:

1. Kim Vogel Sawyer: I've had my cat, Isabella, for over 15 years now. Or maybe I should say...she's had me! When I don't pay attention to her, she jumps in my lap and sits facing me. If I still ignore her, she takes her paw and taps my cheek.

2. Sandie Bricker: My dog Caleb (who died last year) was an Old English Sheepdog, so he was a born herder. If I'd stay up too late, he'd start nudging me and circling me, trying to herd me toward the bedroom.

3. Carla Capshaw: I have two cats. My little girl hates when I have to wake up and leave in the morning. Whenever she hears the alarm clock, she jumps on my chest to keep me in bed. I've brainwashed little boy into thinking he's a tiger. He patrols our yard and chases off the neighbor's dogs when they jump the fence.

4. Kim Vogel Sawyer: I recently lost my dear little Dachshund, Meinie, and what I miss most is her happy front-feet-only dance of joy when she saw me. I could have been gone for two minutes or two weeks, the welcome was always the same.

5. Rhonda Gibson: Sheba's (my dog) bark is way cute.

6. Paige Winship Dooly: Our new puppy, an Australian blue heeler, stands on her hind legs like a meerkat and jumps like a Jack Russell. She's full of energy.

7. Janet Spaeth: Roll over. Trust me, it's cute. (She's a huge gray Maine Coon cat.)

8. Shelley Galloway: Suzy the wiener dog 'penguins' when she wants attention. She also burrows under anything.

9. My cat Misty, a fluffy gray and white Maine Coon cat, chirps when she wants to play.

10. My gigantic male cat Felix greets everyone at the door and begs to be picked up. He’s never met a stranger.

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Roberta said...

What a cuddly, feel-good post, all those dogs and cats. Enjoyed reading.