Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh wow!

Paige Winship Dooly, Elizabeth Ludwig, Beth Goddard, and I just got word today that Becky Germany, Fiction Editor with Barbour Publishing, wants to buy our contemporary novella collection for Christmas 2009! Our anthology title is currently Christmas Homecoming. We have no idea if we can keep that title or if it’ll be changed, but whatever the case, we’re ecstatic about this sale!

I feel incredibly blessed by what's happened over the past month—a sale to Summerside Press, a 3-book sale to Heartsong Presents, and now this. I have lots of hard work to look forward to, but it's such a dream come true!


Anonymous said...

Such a well-deserved dream come true, Debby! We're so proud of you, and our cup runneth over in excitement for you!


Debby Mayne said...

Thanks, Beth! I appreciate your kind words.

Janet Spaeth said...

How exciting, Debby! That's great! Just from the title of the anthology, I know I want to read it!