Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good kind of busy!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have plenty of good excuses. I’ll try to improve, but sometimes life jumps in the way of blog posts.

I’ve been working hard, finishing and polishing my book Portrait of Love to send JoAnne at Heartsong Presents before the November 1 deadline. I still had Long Ridge assignments to read and edit, the ACFW conference to attend, and a granddaughter to play with.

My copy editor for Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida, Connie Troyer, and her husband Tom are taking a Florida vacation. Last week, I took them to Tarpon Springs, where we walked around the Sponge Docks and absorbed some of the magnificent Greek culture. I was extra observant, since my next book, Sweet Baklava, is set there. They’re at Disney World this weekend, but they’re coming back to this area on Monday. Connie and I (and Tom if we can drag him off the beach) plan an excursion to Treasure Island so I can show her the real setting for the book she edited.

On top of all that, I’m writing articles for a couple of online publishers. I love having a variety of things to write because I think it keeps my mind sharp. The nonfiction feeds the fiction and vice versa.

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CatMom said...

Thanks for sharing, Debby. You certainly HAVE been busy!! (of course, I would guess your very favorite of all these activities would be playing with that precious grandbaby!).
Hugs from Georgia,
Patti Jo :)