Thursday, February 2, 2012

Delicious Complexion

You don't have to spend a fortune at department store cosmetic counters to have a smooth, youthful complexion. Treat yourself to a facial from items in your refrigerator or pantry. Here are some suggestions - some I've tried and others I've only heard about.

Does your dry skin need a quick pop of moisture? Mix three tablespoons of plain yogurt with one tablespoon of honey. Apply to a clean face. Relax for approximately 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Your skin will feel smooth and satiny.

Exfoliate the dead skin cells to reveal your gorgeousness. Mix equal parts sugar with olive oil. Gently rub the mixture over your face and rinse.

Looking tired and worn out? Mash a ripe banana and spread it over your face, leaving the eye area. Slice a chilled cucumber or potato and place over your eyes. Relax for a half hour. After you remove the veggie slices and rinse your face, you'll look like you've had plenty of sleep.

Wrinkles getting you down? Separate the egg white from the yolk. Slather the egg white on your face, but don't get too close to your eyes. Lie down and relax until the egg white dries. Leave on an additional 10 minutes and rinse. Your friends will wonder if you've had "work done."

One of the most relaxing things you can do is curl up and escape with a good book. Try one of my older books, Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida, for a mental and emotional getaway to one of Florida's warm, sandy beaches.

Here's a brief blurb:
Amanda Burns owns a bicycle shop in Treasure Island, Florida, but she almost never has time to enjoy the charming town or its beautiful beaches. When she's not caring for her emotionally demanding sister, she's busy waiting on customers. But there's one customer she never minds seeing. Each year, the handsome Jerry Simpson returns to the shop to rent a bicycle for two. When Amanda discovers that Jerry takes his aging parents to the island for their anniversary each year, she finds herself drawn to the man who selflessly gives of his time for the people he loves. Jerry's sense of responsibility to his parents has prevented him from even thinking about love. Will he and Amanda find the treasure they both deserve even if neither of them is looking for it?

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Debra Collins said...

Thanks for the great tips, Debby! Also, "Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida" is one of my favorite books...Loved it!