Thursday, February 9, 2012

Go Away, Spot!

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler or clumsy on your own (that would be me), you’ve probably had to deal with hard-to-remove spots and stains. Over the years, I’ve put together a list of spot removers that I go to before tossing something into the recycle bin.

Things to remember:
• The sooner you remove the stain the easier it should be.
• Avoid putting a stained garment into the dryer because heat might set the stain, making it almost impossible to remove.
• Keep a pre-wash stain remover on hand – in your laundry area, your desk, and your handbag.

Most Common Stains and How to Remove Them

Ink – Dab the area with rubbing alcohol. After about a minute, apply full-strength laundry detergent and set the item aside for about 15 minutes. Wash in the hottest water recommended on the label of the garment. You may have to repeat this several times to get most of the stain out. Some felt-tip pen stains are impossible to get rid of.

Makeup – Use a commercial stain remover and apply it directly to the stain. Rub it with a soft toothbrush and set it aside for several minutes. Wash the item in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer.

Grease, oil, butter, margarine, or salad dressing – Apply a commercial stain remover or full-strength Dawn dish detergent directly to the stain. Gently rub the cleaning product into the fabric and set it aside for about 5 minutes. Wash in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer. Repeat if necessary until the stain is gone.

Blood or other protein stain – Pretreat with a commercial stain remover. If you don’t have a stain remover, moisten a bar of soap and gently rub on the bloodstain. Work the cleaning product into the fabric by rubbing it with a soft toothbrush. Set the item aside for approximately 5 minutes. Wash in cold water. Before you put the item in the dryer, check to make sure the stain is gone because heat will set a bloodstain.

Grass – Pretreat a grass stain with an oxygen-based cleaner, such as OxiClean. Set the item aside for approximately 15 minutes before washing it in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer.

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