Monday, February 10, 2014

Good Memories

Sometimes I like to look back on my life so far and think about some of the wonderful things I've experienced or seen. There are so many that I couldn't possibly list them all here, but I'll put a few highlights that still make me smile.

  • Living in Japan and Hawaii - Both of those places might seem exotic to some people, but to a military brat, each one was just another assignment. But I still enjoyed and appreciated the privilege of living there. I'm still friends with many of the people I met in Hawaii, thanks to social media.
  • Being a member of Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Southern Mississippi - I was blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization with girls who cared about each other (and still do) and tried to make the world a better place by participating in philanthropies and gracious everyday living. KD was and still is a a great place for college women to make lifelong friends. 
  • Marrying my husband Wally - We got married 33 years ago on my 26th birthday, and I'd do it all over again if given the choice.
  • Welcoming daughters Alison and Lauren into this world - As we approach Alison's birthday on February 16, I think about the day she was born and how excited and nervous I was. Lauren joined her sister two years and nine months later and completed our family. Wally and I are blessed to have two such sweet and loving daughters.
  • My first and second book contracts - I'll never forget the day I got "the call" from my very first book editor Erin Cartwright (Niumata) from Avalon Books. She said she loved my story and wanted to buy my book. I think I walked on air for at least a week after that. Then a little more than a week later, Becky Germany from Barbour called and bought my second book. 
    My first book Lessons in Love
  • Gaining sons-in-law - Wally and I were thrilled when our daughter Alison married Jason and Lauren married Ryan. We couldn't have hand-picked better husbands for them.
  • New granddaughters - The sun seemed brighter on the days my granddaughters Emma and Sophia were born. Sometimes when I think about them I feel as though my heart might burst, I love them so much.

Now I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for my future.

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