Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God is truly amazing!

He has allowed me to do the work I love with guidance toward His will and mercy when I try to take things into my own hands. And He has given me plenty of things to look forward to!

My next published project, a novella in the Montana Mistletoe anthology with Lena Nelson Dooley, Lisa Harris, and Kim Vogel Sawyer is coming out next month. In addition to a couple of scheduled book signings, we’re planning a blog tour that should be fun and entertaining.

Double Blessing, my next Heartsong Presents, will go to book club members in early October. I’m really excited about hearing from readers on this book.

In addition to all the wonderful book news, I’ll be starting a new venture that I’ve looked forward to for a very long time. Long Ridge Writer’s Group has invited me to be an instructor for their correspondence writing program. I love working with other writers to help them realize their dream!

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Lisa Harris said...

Hey, Debbie!

Welcome to the world of blogging! :-) Cool news about your latest venture. I'm sure you'll bless many people.