Monday, September 10, 2012

Tips to Avoid the Temptation to Eat Fast Food

As busy as everyone has become, it’s no wonder that fast food restaurants have sprung up on practically every corner in towns and cities across the U.S. Even today, as more news about how our eating habits are creating health issues in epidemic numbers, we continue to say, “Just this once…” as we pull up to the drive-thru, knowing that we’re getting unhealthy doses of sodium, sugar, and preservatives with names we can’t pronounce.

I challenge you to try something different. Create your own fast-food meals that are healthy and delicious. In the beginning, it may require some preparation time, but it will be worth the effort. Not only will you be feeding your family much healthier foods, you may find a little extra change at the end of the week from the savings.

    Quick and easy foods for eating on the run:
  • Washed and cut fresh fruit
  • Washed and cut veggies—celery sticks, carrots, broccoli florets, and bell peppers
  • Mini peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread—cut into quarters and put into individual sandwich bags
  • Homemade trail mix with healthy ingredients—nuts, cereal squares, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate chips
  • Tuna (from single-serving pouches) and whole grain crackers
  • Pizza made with a whole wheat tortilla crust and chopped fresh veggies

It won’t take long to get into a healthy routine. And I bet you can come up with some of your own quick-and-easy, delicious snacks and meals.

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