Monday, February 4, 2013

In the Garden with Joyce Routh

Joyce Routh beside one of her flower gardens
I know it may seem early to start thinking about spring gardening, but now is the time to start planning.

One of my friends and fellow readers, Joyce Routh, wanted to share some of her gardening experiences, so in honor of the Bloomfield Garden Club, here she is:

“I had a beautiful flower garden all summer on the back patio,” says Joyce. “For Mother's Day I purchased some bedding plants and a couple of large pots, and I planted various flowers and plants in them. My mom and I had red, yellow, orange, and green blooms all summer. We even had a potted rose bush.

Photos courtesy of Mike Routh

“Then not to be outdone, I purchased a large tub planter from Big Lots and filled it with dirt and planted cucumbers, and we had fresh cukes. I put a tomato cage over the pot and had the plant climb it.”

It sounds absolutely delightful, Joyce! And I love the pictures of all those gorgeous flowers! Thank you for sharing!

I hope Joyce's story and these pictures will motivate you to beautify your yard this spring! Enjoy!


Cherie said...

Beautiful flowers!

Debby Mayne said...

Cherie, I agree!

Trish Perry said...

Joyce, your lovely pictures make me SO ready for spring! Thanks for bringing color into may day!

Julie Pollitt said...

Such pretty flowers!