Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drab to Fab - Julie Pollitt's Yard

Julie Pollitt

I've seen Julie and John Pollitt's yard, and it is the jewel of their neighborhood! Great job, John (Julie's husband)! I think the Bloomfield Garden Club would unanimously agree to give you the "Yard of the Month" award!

Here's what Julie has to say:

I’ve never had much of a green thumb. Thankfully, I married a great guy with the knack for gardening and landscaping. He turned our bland yard into the neighborhood beauty.
Backyard - after
Backyard - before

We went years without a stitch of grass. We’d send our kids out into the dirt abyss, forcing them to make a trip to the bath each time they came back in the house. I’ve learned in my few short years of living in Florida we’re on one large sand pile.

A couple years ago, my husband John, and his nephew Matt, added a gorgeous layer of sod to the yard, turning it into a carpet of lush, green happiness. John went the extra mile and added a large variety of low-maintenance shrubs and flowers. Although several of the plants were sold as annuals, I was surprised to see them bloom again this year.

Before planting, he mapped out the yard and created a garden area in front of the house, tilled the soil and planted the flora, finishing it off with a layer of mulch. Some of the plants include:
  • Vincas
  • Pentas
  • Variegated Snow Queens
  • Crepe Myrtles 

John asked me to find a couple of planters to place by the front door and add flowers, giving the outside entryway a pop. With an occasional watering, they stay happy in their pots.
He added a bushel of Mexican Petunias around the mailbox, and with bi-annual pruning, they thicken and grow. A Red Bird of Paradise sits a few feet away, which requires almost no maintenance. The deep red pod bursts open to reveal a vibrant yellowish, orange flower that stands out in any garden. It’s so beautiful that I get requests for the seeds each year.
With a little planning and a bit of care, John created a masterpiece that turns heads and slows down cars.

Visit Julie at her website: Julie Pollitt.


Anonymous said...

What an inspirational and beautiful transformation! Thank you for sharing. Beth Dolezal Teller

Cherie Burbach said...


Beautiful yard! Any chance you want to come up north for a visit and fix up my yard? LOL

Debby Mayne said...

Happy birthday, Julie!

Julie Pollitt said...

Thank you Beth and Cherie! I would love to come up north and get some snow! I will pass on the compliment.

Thank you Debby, it has been a fun day!