Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Motivates Me

People often tell me they wish they were self-motivated, and they ask what motivates me. That's such an easy question, but not everyone can relate to my answers. I have a list of things that keep me going, whether I'm praying, writing, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or doing a craft.

My personal motivators: 
  • Faith. First of all, my faith in God and the fact that He gave up His only Son for my sins shows me how important I am to Him. I don't want to let Him down, so I do things to the best of my ability because that's what He would want me to do.
  • Family. Anyone who knows me understands that my family will always come before anything else on this earth. They are not only blessings from God, they are the light of my life, and they keep me going. My husband Wally, daughters Alison and Lauren, sons-in-law Jason and Ryan, and granddaughters Emma and Sophia bless me immensely simply by their existence.
  • Friends. The Lord has placed certain people in my life - friends that I can't imagine being without.
  • Work. I am very happy to have the blessing of being able to write stories and articles that people actually want to read. I appreciate all of my publishers and editors who help me become the best writer I can be.
There are smaller, less significant things that motivate me, but they all point back to the top four. I like to eat healthy food and work out, and the motivators are to keep my body healthy so I can do the Lord's work, be available for my family, enjoy my wonderful friendships, and have the ability to meet the responsibilities of my writing career.

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