Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday and Anniversary

My husband and I were married on my 26th birthday, October 9, 1980! We've been through all sorts of ups and downs, including this most recent sad event of his mother's passing as well as many happy ones such as the birth of our children and granddaughter. I'm thankful to have such a sweet man in my life. He's a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.



Jason and Alison said...

Aww, I love this picture of Daddy! He is such an amazing father just like you are an amazing mother. Love you both! Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Debra Collins said...

Happy Birthday, Debby!
And, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, too!
Your husband looks like a sweetie. Isn't it such a wonderful blessing from God to have a husband who is your hero, best friend and life long partner.

And, I know your husband, children and grandchild(ren) are also blessed to have you in their lives, too!