Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

One of the most joyful ways to celebrate Christmas is to exchange gifts. Whether you’re giving presents to friends at a little get-together or coworkers at an office party, come up with a theme to make the exchange more fun and interesting.

Themes for gift exchanges:
• “Steal That Gift” – Have each person bring a wrapped gift within a designated price range. When the guests arrive, have them place their gifts on a table and pull a number out of a hat. The person with the number “1” starts by choosing a gift that she opens for all to see. The person with the number “2” can choose an unopened gift or steal from the person who has already opened a gift. If someone is stolen from, she may steal from someone else or select an unopened gift. This continues until everyone has a gift. To keep the game from going on too long, set a maximum number of times someone can be stolen from.
• “Green Gift Exchange” – Instead of going shopping for new and expensive Christmas gifts, have each person bring something “green,” meaning it is recycled, re-gifted or homemade.
• “Ornament Exchange” – Have each person bring an ornament or Christmas decoration to exchange. These can be store-bought or handmade.
• “Charity Gift Party” – Instruct each person to bring a gift for a designated charity.

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CatMom said...

GREAT ideas, Debby! Thanks for sharing these. ~ Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Patti Jo :)