Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick and Simple Christmas Decorating Tips

If you have time and a knack for elaborate decorating, have fun. However, most of us find ourselves stressed out by not having time or money to do all the things we’d like to do during the holidays. I love the festive mood created by Christmas decorations, so I’ve learned to find ways to cut costs and time.

Simple Christmas decorating ideas:
• Place a wreath on the door. This may be store-bought or handmade. I have French doors, so I have a couple of basic green wreaths that I lightly decorate each year with ribbons, beads or small ornaments.
• When decorating a Christmas tree, have ornaments in a basic theme and fill in with plain glass balls. About one-third of my ornaments are snowmen or bears, and the rest are gold or white balls. You still have the impact of the theme without having to spend a fortune on ornaments.
• As you receive Christmas cards, line them up on your mantle or pin to a streamer of ribbon around a doorway.
• Frame your house, shrubs or door with outdoor lights and have one focal point that can be as elaborate as a manger scene in the yard or as simple as the wreath on your front door.
• Fill glass bowls with colorful ornaments and place them on tables throughout your house.
• Hang empty stockings on your mantle or in a line across a buffet or china cabinet.


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CatMom said...

Thanks for these great tips, Debby. Just yesterday I discovered a lovely Christmas potpourri glass bowl in my basement, and was about to fill it with wrapped candy. Then I decided to put some lovely solid-colored round ornaments in it instead, and it looks SO pretty! I love simple ideas that still add a festive touch! :)
Merry Christmas! Patti Jo