Monday, May 23, 2011

The Journey and Process of Writing

I’ve been behind in posting lately, but I have an excuse. I needed to finish the first draft of a book that gripped me more than ever. Although I always enjoy the writing process, this one took me to a different level. I felt as though I was right there with my characters—in their lives and participating in everything they did. When they felt pain, so did I. When they were happy, I walked around all day smiling.

Most writers will understand all this and agree that our fiction becomes our reality as we write our books. It is our job to take readers on a journey of joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, revelation, and whatever else it takes to immerse them in the story and give them a reason to keep reading. I pray that people who read this book will get something out of it and want more when they’re finished because I’m contracted to write two more in this series.

So here I was, writing scenes that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. When Priscilla had to make tough decisions, I worried right along with her. Balancing a hair salon chain can be quite difficult with creative types clashing with the office workers. As Tim worked hard to win her over, I brainstormed with him, hoping to give him that extra little oomph that might make a difference. I found more of a challenge with Laura, who had everyday life crashing around her as she planned the ten-year class reunion. Everyone was counting on her, so the pressure was immense. Then there was former beauty queen Trudy who can’t seem to get her mojo back, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

This book will be out in Spring 2013, which seems like a long way off. But in the publishing world, it’s not because after I turn it in, it will go through several rounds of editing, then the printing process, and finally distribution. The marketing people will do their magic to make sure it’s available to as many people as possible. I’m excited to have such a wonderful team to work with.


CatMom said...

That's why you write great books, Debby - - because you pour your heart into the story. Looking forward to reading all your upcoming books!
Hugs, Patti Jo :)

Debby Mayne said...

Thanks, Patti Jo! I look forward to reading the books you'll publish someday.