Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunscreen Protection Day - Protect Your Skin!

Tomorrow is Sunscreen Protection Day, so I thought this would be a good topic for now. Although summer isn’t the only time sunscreen is important, if you haven’t started wearing it, now is an excellent time to start.

With melanoma and other types of skin cancer on the rise, not protecting the skin is risky. Choose one with the highest SPF (sun protection factor) your skin can handle and reapply it frequently. If you wear makeup, choose one with SPF built in, but don’t expect it to last all day. Bring along some extra sunscreen to slather on periodically.

Cancer isn’t the only concern for most people. Too much sun exposure will dry out your skin and leave you with leathery hide that is anything but healthy looking. Choose one from your favorite pharmacy or try the organic Green Screen.

What if you want to have a tan? Then go for a fake tan! You can find a wide variety of tanning methods that don’t require the sun. Whether you choose tanning towels, lotions, or sprays, you can have a sun-kissed look without damaging your skin.

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CatMom said...

AMEN to this post, Debby! As someone who's had skin cancer (and the surgeries) I cannot stress enough to others how important it is to protect our skin. Thanks for sharing this post today.
Blessings, Patti Jo