Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

Photo by Jimmunnelly on Morguefile.com

As hot as it’s been in the Southeast, it’s hard to believe that summer has just arrived. Yep, that’s right, June 21 is officially the first day of summer.

This is the time of year thoughts turn to relaxing, going on vacation, heading for the water (pool, beach, garden hose), and playing outside. In most places in the U.S. days are longer.

I love many things about summer, including long walks on the beach, relaxing and reading romance novels or fun women’s fiction, eating ice cream cones quickly so they don’t melt, and hearing the sounds of crickets and frogs every night around sunset. I’m not crazy about the mosquitos and sweltering days when my clothes stick to my back, but nothing is perfect.

What are some of the things you look forward to doing during the summer? If you are looking for a fun beach read, try my novels Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida, and Sweet Baklava, both set on the West Coast of Florida.



CatMom said...

Happy Summer, Debby! I enjoy family gatherings during the summer (we just returned from a week on the Georgia coast and had a blast!) and doing lots of reading. Oh yes, and watermelon....to me, it isn't summer without juicy watermelon!!
Hugs, Patti Jo :)

Debby Mayne said...

I agree about the watermelon! I just cut one today, and I have a bowl of it in the fridge!