Friday, June 24, 2011

National Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Today is officially National Take Your Dog to Work Day. I find this amusing and rather ludicrous because no employer I’ve ever worked for has allowed pets in the office, unless they’re service dogs.

I work at home, so everyday is “take your pet to work day” for me. I used to have a dog and two cats, and they dutifully sat by my feet, staring up at me lovingly, hoping for a rub and a treat. My dog and one of my cats have passed on, but I still have one kitty that naps while I work.

In Noah’s Ark, the first book in my West Virginia series that will be repackaged as a 3-in-l entitled Appalachian Weddings, the hero is a veterinarian, so of course he had pets in his office all day. I’ve enjoyed hearing from readers who related to some of the experiences my characters had.

I wonder how many companies will acknowledge National Take Your Dog to Work Day and encourage employees to celebrate with their best furry friends.


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CatMom said...

Yes, I'd be curious to know how many companies allowed their workers to bring their dogs to work, LOL! ~ I'm usually surrounded by several cats while I'm writing or checking e-mails, and sometimes they let me know they want "Mom's" attention. ;)