Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy National Rocky Road Day!

Chocolate ice cream is delicious, but add nuts and marshmallows for over-the-moon sensory pleasure!

I am delighted (and drooling) to announce that June 2 is National Rocky Road Day! Could there be a yummier holiday?

For those who don’t know what rocky road is, I’ll tell you. It is possibly the MOST delicious flavor of ice cream ever invented. Well, maybe ONE of the most because I haven’t met an ice cream flavor I don’t like. Rocky road ice cream offers a mix of chocolate ice cream, nuts, and tiny marshmallows to create a flavor sensation unlike any other. I also love the variety of textures—with smoothness and crunch that will send any ice cream lover into orbit with every bite.

I want to pause for a moment to remember William Dreyer (founder of Dreyer’s Ice Cream) who created this delicious concoction after the stock market crash in 1929. He knew exactly how to ease the pain.


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