Monday, March 11, 2013

Changed Heart - Class Reunion Story

One of my new friends, Donna Cullen, shares her class reunion story. This one shows the power of God's love and how He changes hearts.

Here's Donna's story:

Donna Cullen now

I went to my first reunion after 40 years. As a child I was bullied a lot by other girls. I wore glasses and was plump, and some of the jock type girls used to bully me on the way home from grade school and the first year of high school.

At the only reunion I had ever gone to, the girl who was the meanest came up to me and apologized for all the things she had said and done growing up. I told her I had forgiven her a long time ago, but thanked her for saying that. She seemed very happy and finally looked me in the eye. God is good always.

Yes, Donna, I agree. God is always good. I suspect you were more beautiful than you realized back in high school. I think glasses are way cool!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing my story. I loved sharing it with you.