Monday, March 25, 2013

Class Reunion - Lena Nelson Dooley

Lena Nelson Dooley

Continuing in the spirit of Class Reunions, I asked Lena Nelson Dooley to share what happened at hers. Here's what she said:

I went to two reunions, maybe 25th and 30th. It's in another state. When I first got a book published, I chose to use my maiden name as my middle name on my books. We had lived several different places while I was growing up, and I hoped that maybe one of my classmates would recognize the Lena Nelson part of my name. 

At the first reunion I attended, one of the women who graduated when I did had actually bought the book on the off-chance that it was me. I loved knowing that. Seeing all my friends looking so much older was eye-opening, but James and I really enjoyed it. 

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CatMom said...

I'm sure your classmates were proud of you, Lena! ~ Several years ago my very best friends and I attended our reunion, and when we first arrived we didn't recognize anybody. I turned to my girlfriends and asked: "Who are all these OLD people? We must be at the wrong reunion!" We all laughed, and ended up having a wonderful time reconnecting with classmates. ~ Blessings, Patti Jo