Monday, July 29, 2013

My Family - My Life

As much as I like being a published author and having such fabulous publishers, I love my family more than anything. Here they are:

My husband Wally

My daughters Alison and Lauren
Alison and Lauren before Alison's wedding
Granddaughters Emma and Sophia
Sophia and Emma having a tea party

Alison with Emma and Sophia
My sons-in-law Jason and Ryan
Jason with newborn Sophia
Lauren and Ryan at their wedding

Jason, Emma, and Wally at LegoLand

Lauren with Ryan after USAF basic training

Grandpuppy Cody
Cody hanging out with Emma and Sophia

Grandkitties Maddie and Olive


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Anonymous said...

Debby, ] love this blog. You have a wonderful husband and he has a wonderful wife. The daughters and granddaughters are beautiful. I loved them when they were little. I love them as grownups. Your sons-in-law are handsome and are good men. Love you. Connie Koci Dean.