Friday, August 29, 2014


I've been a romance and women's fiction writer for many years, but something that many people don't know is that I've also written a couple of mysteries. One of them, Corpse on the Court, was written under my maiden name Deborah Tisdale and was published by Avalon. The other was Theft and Thanksgiving, one book in a series written by a group of authors for Guideposts. We all wrote our books under the name Emily Thomas, and the series is called Secrets of the Blue Hill Library. Any of the books in this series can be ordered from the Guideposts website.

My first mystery was quite a bit of fun to write. I never saw myself as a mystery writer, but when my editor at Avalon challenged me to give it a try, I did. After a few (major) revisions, she accepted it and the book came out the following year. Former Nashville detective Summer Walsh is the main character in Corpse on the Court, and I've been thinking about following up with more books for a series. Here's a blurb about the first book:

When Summer Walsh, a former detective from Nashville, leaves the police force, she sees herself vacationing on the beach, teeing off at the golf course of her uncle's country club community, and knocking a few balls around on the tennis court. But that's not the way things work out when her uncle gets framed for the murder of an aging femme fatale who was found strangled on the tennis court.

Summer is called to service in the small coastal community called Gulfside, where the sun shines year-round and retirees play like children. The murder of Bonita Landry throws the whole town into a tailspin, creating suspicion in everyone. She has to endure listening to remarks about her uncle's love life, being chased on the causeway, and dealing with hostile witnesses. But Summer doesn't give up until she finds out who murderer is.

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