Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretty Is as Pretty Does - Released!

This is the official release month of the first book in my Class Reunion series, and I am beside myself with excitement! I actually have butterflies in my tummy because these are stories that begged to be told, and I really want readers to enjoy them as much as I loved writing them. As I lived with each character in the story, I found the lines between reality and fiction often blurred.

Here are a few tidbits about each person in my story:
  • Priscilla - voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school but dropped out of college to pursue a career in beauty. An only child of two college professors, she grew up constantly trying to please her mother but was unwilling to compromise on her future. 
  • Tim - madly in love with Priscilla. This beauty supply salesman will do anything to win over his favorite hairdresser, including do all the go-fer work for the reunion committee even though he didn't attend Piney Point High School.
  • Trudy - former class beauty queen and Miss Everything in Piney Point. Now that she's divorced, she is forced into a life she never wanted but discovers some joy in being self-sufficient. However, she still backslides to keep up the image she had in high school.
  • Celeste - class wallflower and sourpuss. Who knew there was a beautiful woman beneath the dour expression and dowdy clothes? Priscilla brought out the best...and the worst in this woman.
  • Laura - most put-upon woman who ever graduated from Piney Point High School. She married the class drunk, had four kids fairly quickly, and volunteered to chair the reunion committee. And now she can't figure out why life is so difficult, and she's always a mess.

I hope you enjoy each person's journey in these books, starting with Pretty Is as Pretty Does. You may order these books from the following places:

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