Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy National Goof Off Day!

Believe it or not, my calendar claims that March 22 is National Goof Off Day! How fun is that! It’s been sanctioned by someone, but I don’t recommend trying to get away with goofing off if you A) have to report to a supervisor at work, B) have a small child who depends on you for meals, transportation, or general care, or B) have any life-or-death situation that requires you to NOT goof off.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t goof off at all. If you have some freedom or even a few spare minutes in your day, you might take advantage of the holiday. I think it’s actually good for you to goof off every once in a while. So let’s think of some great ways to goof off.

Here are a few ways I can think of:

• Turn off the ringer on your phone and settle down with a good book by your favorite author.
• Close the shades, blinds and curtains, grab a blanket and pillow, and take a nap on the sofa.
• Go to your favorite park or beach and relax with nature.


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CatMom said...

Wow! I had NO idea today was a "holiday" LOL! Oh well, I couldn't have goofed off anyway due to a medical appt. and errands. Now that I think about it though, my CATS must have known - - they took extra-long catnaps today! ~ Thanks for sharing this (maybe I should make a note for next year*grin*). Hugs, Patti Jo