Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Fever and Starting Something New

For the past several weeks, the weather has been amazing, and I’ve had a bad case of spring fever. I love when the weather warms up a bit – before the stifling summer heat arrives. My daily walks are enjoyable and not something I dread. But by mid-afternoon, I want to open the windows and take a nap.

I’m taking a short break before I start my next writing project – a women’s fiction book for Abingdon Press. I figure spring is a great time to start something new. This story, All Prettied Up at the Cut ‘n Curl, is centered on the ten-year class reunion in a small fictional town near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The opening of the story leads up to the events of the big weekend, with everyone getting ready to show off what they’ve accomplished…or in this case, what they want people to think they’ve accomplished.

Before I start working on this book, I'm walking an extra few minutes each day. And I just might sneak in a nap or two.



jel said...

howdy Debby,
just wanted to stop by and tell ya how I'm enjoying reading the book you wrote with the other ladys
(Even on Bad Hair Days)

thank you for shaing your storys .

Debby Mayne said...

Thanks for leaving the comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the devotional. We enjoyed writing it!