Monday, August 20, 2012

Bartering Services

I recently watched a documentary on bartering and thought about how this is a fabulous solution to so many people’s situations in a struggling economy. No money ever has to change hands, yet everyone involved in the transaction can get something they need while giving back.

Most people know about trading things from when they were very young. Kids trade baseball cards, toys they’ve played with and grown tired of, and even lunches their mothers packed. This is a form of bartering that makes sense because it fills a need and saves money.

Bartering services can bring the same rewards. As a writer, I have a skill that can help some struggling business that needs ad copy, slogan, or a week’s worth of blog posts. In turn, that business might be able to offer something I need.

If you need something but find yourself strapped for cash, consider bartering. Take stock of your skills before you set out looking for a taker. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are writing, editing, art, photography, automobile repair, cleaning services, meal preparation, event planning, house painting, lawn care, web design, blogging, and computer repair. Before digging into your savings account, consider bartering for services.

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