Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Candle holders – If you don’t have as many candle holders as you need, use miniature pumpkins, artichokes and other sturdy vegetables and fruits. Just carve out a hole to fit the candle snugly in the top.

Table runner – Buy an inexpensive fabric remnant in an autumn color, tuck the raw edges under, and sew or glue them down. Decorate them with ribbons or other notions from the clearance bins in a craft or fabric store.

Tablecloth – Pull out an old harvest-gold bed sheet and use it as a tablecloth. If you don’t have one, check local thrift stores.

Pillow covers – Cover decorative throw pillows with orange, gold, yellow, brown and rust colored fabrics.

Leaf accent – Purchase a bag of silk leaves and tuck them around different areas throughout your house.

Scented candles – Buy pumpkin and spice scented candles from the dollar store and place them throughout your house. You won’t even have to light them to have your house smelling like you’ve been baking all day.


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